Digital Marketplace Deluxe


Terminal 1
Level 1

Security area


Target group

Departing passengers

Media costs

€ 18,600 (1 slot / 1 week )

€ 74,400 (1 sot/ 1 month)

Handling costs: € 500 


plus VAT

First class ticket for airspace


Now available: The Digital Marketplace Deluxe.

With 120 sqm, the Digital Marketplace Deluxe is the most spectacular advertising space at BER Airport. Advertising messages can be played digitally on a total of 4 surfaces.

The interplay of different conditions makes the Digital Marketplace Deluxe so unique:

The advertising spaces are located in the heart of the airport: the marketplace with various retail and gastronomic offers complemented by the open food court with a direct view of the digital spaces.

100% of all departing Schengen and non-Schengen passengers from Terminal 1 frequent this area.

Baseline data

Locations / screens
2 / 4 (1 net)  
Max. available slots
3 à 20 sec / minute
Minimum booking period 1 slot / 1 week
Dim. Screens
7.30 m x 4.10 m, native 16:9
7 MB
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