Digital Screens Arriving

Werbung am Flughafen BER, 11., 12.12.2023
Werbung am Flughafen BER, Oktober 2023
Werbung in den Terminal des Flughafens BER, 23.10.2023
Werbung im Terminal des Flughafens BER, 12. Juni 2023


Terminal 2

Level 0


Security area

Target group

Arriving passengers

Media costs

€ 6,900 / 1 slot / 1 week 

Handling costs: € 500 

plus VAT

Want to multiply your presence?

Display your product or service on every baggage carousel at T2! Make use of the waiting time of passengers to present your product with a moving image as well as statically on a total of nine screens.

Baseline data

Locations / screens 6 / 9 (1 net)
Max. available slots 6 slots à 10 sec. / per minute
Minimum booking period 1 slot / 1 week (Playout times 4:00 - 0:00 a.m.)
Dim. Screens 55 inch, 16:9, single-sided / double-sided
6 MB
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