Digitale Screens Arriving


Terminal 2

Level 0

Target group

Arriving passengers

Media costs

€ 4,500 / week / 1 Slot à 10 sec. excl. VAT

Want to multiply your presence?

Display your product or service on every baggage carousel at T2! Make use of the waiting time of passengers to present your product in a moving image as well as statically across a total of nine screens.

Subject to the passenger numbers the opening of Terminal 2 is scheduled for March, 27th 2022.

Baseline data

Number of spaces / screens 6/9 (1 net)
Number of slots 6 slots à 10 sec. / week
Minimum booking period 1 slot à 10 sec. / week
Dimensions 55-Zoll, 16:9, single-sided / double-sided
7 MB
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