Digital Gate Ring


Terminal C

Target group

Arriving and departing passengers, meeters & greeters

Media costs

2.250 € / 1 Slot / 1 Woche
9,000 € / 1 slot / 1 month
plus VAT

No matter which directions our passengers go in Terminal A – from now on, they will always pass one of the 5 high-quality digital advertising spaces. The 5 advertising spaces are spread across the entire inner ring of Terminal A and offer our advertising customers flexibility in their creation as well as in the booking and occupancy period. The excellent location, including check-in counters, restaurants and other points of contact guarantees a lasting impression. Full flexibility ahead!

Technical Data Sheet Digital Gate Ring (PDF-Datei)


Baseline data

Vermarktungsstart 01.09.2018
Content Moving pictures or images
Minimum booking period 1 week / 1 slot
Booking options 1 until 6 slots / minute
Ad length 10 sec. (1 slot), 20 Sec. (2 slots),
Broadcasting min. 8.568 per week / screen
Broadcasting time 20 hours (4:30am - 0:30am)

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