Digital PublicNet


Schönefeld Airport

Target group

Arriving and departing passengers, meeters & greeters

Media costs

1.900 € / 1 slot / 1 week
plus VAT

With the Digital PuplicNet accompany your target group on their journey: from their arrival at the train station Schönefeld, the check-in Terminal B up until their arrival in Terminal D2.

Stir the emotions of arriving and departing passengers via the Digital PublicNet in a total of three locations:

  • Digital Walkway
  • Digital Wall B
  • Digital Wall D

Technical Data Sheet Digital PublicNet (PDF-Datei: 35,4 KB)

Baseline data

Content Moving pictures or images
Minimum booking period 1 week / 1 slot
Booking options 1 until 6 slots / minute
Ad length 10 sec. (1 slot), 20 Sec. (2 slots),
30 sec. (3 Slots),..
Broadcasting min. 7.140 per week / screen
Broadcasting time 20 hours (4:30am - 0:30am)

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