Landscape S and M Main pier non-Schengen


Terminal 1
Level 2
Departure Non-Schengen

Target group

Departing Non-Schengen passengers

Media costs

€ 5,000 / month / net
plus VAT

Get out into the world

Target the whole globe using three landscapes directly next to the lounges or two landscapes each in the net distributed along the entire pier. You'll lift off in the case of non-Schengen passengers.

Baseline data

Maximum available spaces 19 (9 nets)
Minimum booking period 1 month
Visible size in mm 2.442 × 1.890 Landscape S
3.690 × 1.890 Landscape M
Production + installation € 1,655 respectively € 2,150 / net (Decotex) plus VAT

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