Digital City Light Poster BER


Terminal 1
Level 1, 0 & U1
Arrival / Departure
outdoor area

Target group

Arriving and departing passengers
Meeters & Greeters

Media costs

€ 18,000 / week / 1 slot à 10 sec.
plus VAT
Specifications and technical details are available on request.

An all-round presence

Get seen everywhere and quickly – with 29 Digital City Light Posters in the net, single and double-sided, indoors and outdoors. The best way to contact departing and arriving passengers and their meeters and greeters.

Baseline data

Number of spaces / screens 29 / 41 (1 net)
Number of slots: 6 slots à 10 sec. / week
Minimum booking period 1 slot à 10 sec. / week
Dimensions: 75 / 85-Zoll, 9:16, single-sided / double-sided

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