The Digital BerlinNet at the best price!


Airports Berlin-Tegel and Schoenefeld, all areas

Target group

Departing and arriving passengers, meeters & greeters

Media costs

€9,450 / month, plus VAT

Flexible, guaranteed to attract attention - digital.

Digital - just your thing. Book the September Deal now.

Our quality digital advertising spaces provide flexibility, both in creation as well as in the booking and usage periods.

The splendid location, such as at check-in areas, food halls, and other touch points ensure effective marketing.

This is the Digital BerlinNet:

Tegel Airport (9 Screens)

  1. Digital Main Hall (2)
  2. Digital Gate Ring (5)
  3. Digital Departure Gate (1)
  4. Digital Wall C (1)

Schoenefeld Airport (11 Screens)

  1. Digital Tower (1)
  2. Digital Flight Boards (2)
  3. Digital Walkway (6)
  4. Digital Wall B (1)
  5. Digital Wall D (1)

Now you just need to book.


Baseline data

Reservation period 01.09.-30.09.2019
Booking period 01.10.-31.12.2019
Content Moving pictures or images
Minimum booking period 1 week / 1 slot
Booking options 1 until 6 slots / minute
Ad length 10 sec. (1 slot), 20 Sec. (2 slots)
Broadcasting min. 7.140 per week / screen
Broadcasting time 20 hours (4:30am - 0:30am)

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